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All home visits throughout your pregnancy and postpartum in northern New Jersey! Natural, gentle, modern, evidence-based pregnancy healthcare brought to your home and tailored to your family’s needs. I incorporate current research and ancient wisdom in my practice and always support you as you make informed decisions about your healthcare. I view midwifery care as a form of radical social justice activism because it respects the HUGE power and wisdom of birthing women. My clients are smart, powerful women who want the opportunity to birth on their own terms, without fuss or rushing. I am in awe of the moment of birth – it moves me to tears to see parents working harder than they ever thought they could to bring their child into the world, and as a midwife I get to be there to help them do it.  My clients emerge into motherhood with the skills to take care of their newborn, confidently breastfeed, and support their own postpartum healing. I am their supporter, advisor, and safety net in this amazing period of their lives. I absolutely love my work and am so grateful to be a midwife. Counties served: Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Union, Morris, Passaic.

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