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The Midwives of New Jersey believe that a woman’s body has been perfectly for birth and in normal circumstances a baby can be born with minimal medical intervention. We are extremely experienced Certified Nurse Midwives, having attended thousands of births. In a commitment to support normal birth in a culture of increasing intervention, we began offering homebirth as an option to our clients in 2008.

Our homebirth clients attend a homebirth class to help prepare them for their homebirth; we go over logistics, the homebirth kit and provide a list of additional items they will need to purchase. We also provide portable tubs for home waterbirths. A home visit is scheduled in order to become familiar with a client’s home and to discuss any questions they may have. Following a homebirth, we will visit you two or more times at your home or in our office.

We also offer 4th Trimester Care – our clients can continue to come to our office for their newborn baby’s routine care after the birth until the baby is 3 months old.  This model of care is a unique, holistic approach to family medicine that is a completion of the work that began prior to conception in the midwives’ office. We believe this type of care will ensure health, bonding and breastfeeding success. This allows our homebirth clients to be able to avoid taking their newborn to the hospital for the PKU test.

We love homebirth because it allows women the ability to labor and deliver in a comfortable and familiar environment and encourages fathers to be very involved in the exciting experience of the birth of their child!!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into Homebirth – http://midwivesofnj.com/our-lives-our-births-episode-2-celebrating-homebirth/

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